While following up on July 99 report, Bob and I hear loud branch-breaking at night

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Date:September 12, 1999
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:

Detroit Lake


Description of event: Bob and I went to investigate a vocal report at Detroit Lake, Linn County, OR. The date of the report was July 21, 1999 and was originally investigated by Todd Neiss and Joe Beelart.

We talked to several local campground patrons and most laughed, though one of the campground hosts had heard about the screams and attributed them to a bear.

That evening Bob and I pulled the truck up a logging road and stopped halfway up a ridge in the middle of a clearcut. There was a small pullout, so we parked there. The clearcut continued into the ravine below us and, at the bottom of the ravine, met with old growth timber.

We fixed up a bed in the canopy and made dinner. At dusk, as we put away the dishes and made coffee, we began to hear loud cracking in the ravine below us. Branches broke loudly; it sounded as if something were pacing back and forth just in the treeline. We continued to hear these sounds throughout the evening. The noises finally subsided at about midnight.

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