Man sees BF in moonlight, eyes glow red, claims telepathic communication file# 00338


Date: , 1992
Multnomah county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:


Rooster Rock State Park


Description of event: A book shop customer, Steve, reports that in the summer of 1992 his
friend Tim and his wife were at Rooster Rock State Park, OR, on the Columbia
River. They heard an awful scream from far away that was loud and mournful.
He was fishing in the inlet at 2 AM, his wife in the tent sleeping, there
was a full moon and Tim and then he noticed, only ten feet away, a ten foot
tall Bigfoot. It wasn't even looking at him, but across the river. The
Columbia at this point is believed to be a good crossing point for Bigfoot,
and a lone track was reported from here in an earlier TR. Tim said the eyes
were silver dollar size, eight inches apart, and fire red in the moonlight.
As Tim started to panic, he heard a message of peace and non-aggression in
his head. He turned around, picked up his gear, and backed off. He packed up
his stuff, and left in the boat (apparently in shock), leaving his wife, who
woke later, went to get a friend to help find her husband who had been
arrested, she later found out. Unbelieving, they went back later and found
deep, wide tracks 17 inches long, and another set at 20 inches long. Since,
Steve has heard other stories and will come back when he has time, he says,
and tell them to us. He did not leave his last name or any means to contact
him for other verification.

Source: The Track Record #43
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