Hunter hears branches breaking, squealing sound, Ranger district says recent BF activity file# 00347


Date:September , 1974
Polk county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:


clear and warm, and there had been no snow


Description of event: A BF researcher passed this tale along. In September of 1974 he was only
16 years old and hunting near Valsetz (close to Dallas), Oregon. It was
clear and warm, and there had been no snow. It was before noon, about 11 AM,
and the five hunters had split up that day to hunt their separate ways. He
went fifty feet down a trail and heard branches breaking on the bank above
It was like a human walking, and he could see the bushes moving. Thinking it
was one of his buddies pulling his leg he yelled...there was no answer. It
kept walking with me up the trail when a small log came down the hill at
him. It was 8 foot long and 6 inches thick. He didn' know if the log had
been thrown intentionally or not. 'Show yourself or I'll empty my clip!" he
yelled at the bushes. There was a high pitched a squeal. It
kept following and kept up with him making a horse noise, a snort like
squeal. He started running, and as the cliff-bank kept getting shorter up
the trail, he thought they were going to meet. It stopped though, and he
never did get to see what it was. He also never started shooting his was a bluff. He said there was no smell. He came back later with
his friends but they never found anything in the thick brush. They did
comment though, that they had hunted the area before, and had always seen
animals, but no animals of any kind were seen this day. They called the
Valsetz Ranger Station and were told that there had been Bigfeet recently
sighted in the area.

Source: The Track Record #11
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