Two coyote hunters report seeing 7 BF creatures, individual faces discernable file# 00378


Date:January 22, 1995
Wasco county, OR
Nearest town:
The Dalles
Nearest road:



Dutch Flat (SW of The Dalles)


Description of event: Peter Byrne had a report from January 22nd, from 8 miles SW of The
Dalles, OR, at Dutch Flat (T1S R12E) , where a pair of young men were
hunting coyote. The sighting, reported to The Bigfoot Research Project at
8PM, was from earlier that evening at 5:30-6 PM, a quick response. The two
young men, apparently reliable, about 24-25 years of age, said they were
watching Bigfeet moving between trees along a ridge with binoculars. There
were seven of them, individual faces discernable, about 200 yards away Peter
said, and they were aboslutely positive about the sightings. Peter and Todd
Deery combed the ridge for several hours, but were unable to find any sign
that the creatures had passed. The partiallay frozen ground had tracks of
other creatures; elk, deer, and coyote. Maybe this is one for the "Bigfoot
from another dimension" crowd. Rip Lyttle visited the site on Friday night,
and stayed until 5 AM, recording only owl noises.

Source: The Track Record #43
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