Man says they witness a fight between bigfoot creature and elk file# 00379


Date:June 12, 1994 or 1995
Wasco county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:


East of Blue Lake (Warm Springs Indian Reservation)


Description of event: Ronnie Smith, an ex-professional hunter/photographer (been to Zaire and
Zimbabwe, Africa) was among a group of five hunters on the Warms Springs
Indian Reservation, OR, last June 12-13th. They were about 7 miles from Blue
Lake (T8S R9E, an X was put in sec. 23), hunting south of the road, but away
from an area of active clear-cut logging. The plan was to drive game down a
mile deep ravine by shooting rifles from the top, and three of the hunters
would intercept the game as they descended from the ridges. They were
watching three groups of elk, and one bull started up an almost non-existent
game trail when they heard snorting and noises of something in a great deal
of pain. Thinking an archer had shot the very large bull elk, they noticed
large, furry feet going way up and over the bull's back, while watching with
their binoculars and rifle scopes from about 3-400 yards at about 1:30 PM.

They watched in amazement as a two-minute battle between a Bigfoot and a
large bull elk commenced. Why the Bigfoot picked the largest bull they don't
know, as a smaller bull and several cows were nearby. They had the
impression that the creature knew what the men were doing, driving the game,
and had selected the ambush site deliberately. The elk had hooked the
Bigfoot in the side, throwing him up and over his shoulder. They estimated
the Bigfoot weighed around 900 pounds.

One of the men had a camera and started snapping photos (says he'll bring them in), of the badly wounded Bigfoot, bleeding from the side where the elk had hooked him. The Bigfoot attacked the elk again, digging in with long nails or claws on the right
foot, and tearing open the stomach area on the elk. Grabbing the elk, it
started biting in that area until the elk went down as he held on to it. The
Bigfoot tore off the areas it wanted, a rib and ham section, and left
holding the elk portion with one hand and its wound with the other. It had
curiously turned the elk over, so that the exposed section was face down to
the mud and dirty snow. The Bigfoot was described as having long shaggy
brown hair, a very human-like face, but with very bushy eyebrows, and having
a skinny waist. He wasn't sure of height, tall, with a rounded high crown on
its head. They did retrieve the remains of the elk for their own use plus
saving the section of hide that the Bigfoot bit into that Ronnie says he'll
bring in (wanted money for his stuff...skepticals on please).

Source: The Track Record #42
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