Bigfoot sighting, track information file# 00396


Date:March , 1995
Washington county, OR
Nearest town:
NW Portland
Nearest road:
Skyline Rd




Description of event: Scott Sebring had a report of a Bigfoot sighting from the Northwest
Portland, OR, area three months ago (March, '95). He didn't have any details
at this time though, but will get them. The sighting was on Skyline Road,
just west of the junction with Cornelius Pass Road. There were numerous
sightings from this area some years ago. Scott has been actively seeking
Bigfoot spoor, the most recent found was three weeks ago (May 11th, '95),
near Lostine, OR, where he has built a blind. He found tracks ranging from
19 to 9 inches in the area. Cutthroat trout were common as were cattail
roots, and willow shoots. At one place a three inch limb had been snapped,
and apparent finger marks were still on the limb.

Source: The Track Record #47
record updated:2002-07-10 00:00:00