Local pets missing, large hair patch found

Oregonbigfoot.com file# 00398


Date: , 1990 's (early)
Washington county, OR
Nearest town:
Cherry Grove
Nearest road:





Description of event: B. Nixon, May 28th. This unearthly thing happened quite awhile ago. My
big lab dog did a lot of barking at night. Neighbors said they heard
coyotes. Coyotes killed neighbors ducks, geese, chickens and cats. Many cats
disappeared. After one very bad night I found an area beat down in about a
four foot circle. The grass was smashed flat and there were small globs of
hair that had been torn from some animal. Kind of like tufts, some of it.
But there was long hair, as long as the mane of a horse. It was all a light
color, not blond, not white, some of it was about a foot long. It was not
horse hair. No horse tracks anywhere and I had no horses around. I put it in
an envelope to sent to someone to find out what animal it came from. When I
find it, I'll send it to you for analysis. This mess was about 20 feet from
my front door (Cherry Grove, OR)...it scared me. I do live in a wooded area
on the east slope of the Coast Range. I've seen animals here for 47 years,
and even found a five inch panther track 30 feet from my back door. Only one

Source: The Track Record #47
record updated:2002-07-10 00:00:00