Boy on bicycle spots Bigfoot, hears calls file# 00402


Date: , 1976
Washington county, OR
Nearest town:
NW Portland
Nearest road:



Rock Creek Rd. off Cornelius Pass Road


Description of event: Scott's first boyhood sighting, just off Cornelius Pass Road in extreme
North-West Portland, Or., during the winter. This was in 1976 and he was
only ten years old, and was riding his bicycle near the family house on Rock
Creek Road. He heard a branch snap off a tree, turned, and in the brush saw
the head of Bigfoot and was scared, so he really 'peeled out' with his
bicycle. Later he found that the tree limb was 6" thick.

Three days later they heard, "oooo-ahhh," echoing through the canyon. Three
times they heard the strange noise. Dad said there was something up behind
the house, and used his rifle scope when he saw movement, and saw a tall
black figure. It kept making noises for 30 minutes, then picked up
something, maybe a young one, but he wasn't sure, then it walked on up the
hill. That was the last time he ever heard or saw, or smelled the thing. The
coon dogs finally started coming out of the house again.

Source: The Track Record #10
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