Man is followed by something all the way out of the mountains file# 00406


Date: , 1988 or 89
Wheeler county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:

Spanish Peak (Ochoco Mountains)


Description of event: Woody Woodworth interviewed a logger, Tim Hayward, who said he was
hunting 5-6 years ago near Spanish Peak, OR, in the Ochoco Mountains (18
miles SE of Mitchell, T13S R25E) Tim had been archery hunting and followed
an elk into a canyon. It got dark on him, and it was cloudy...pitch black.
Tim headed out, an hour hike back to the road, when he heard something
following him. It made lots of noise, breaking sticks and such, and he was
scared, saying, "stop or I'll shoot," at whatever it was, arrows in hand.
The thing came within 10-15 feet of him and when he would stop walking, it
would stop. Finally coming to a small clearing, he waited for it, thinking
to get an arrow into something. It quit following though, and he continued
to a forested area towards the road, and it came behind him again in the
trees, having circled around the clearing. Finally making the road in the
dark it quit following him. The road was a long one that he just had to head
in a certain direction to intersect, so that he was able to find it in the
pitch blackness without a flashlight. There was no smell, and he never saw
what it was that was following him. Woody suggested that in the past,
Bigfoot had helped lost hunters, and maybe it was just making sure he got
out all right?

Source: The Track Record #43
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