Man hears squeal, sees tracks, then creature file# 00407


Date:March 16, 2000
Yamhill county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:

windy day just after a rain storm
Trask Mt.


Description of event: I was takeing a walk through the woods near a creek.

What was observed:
In heard a high pitch loud noise that was comeing from a creek bed. I saw large tracks on the way to the creek and I also found broken twigs

It was 2:oo pm and It was a windy day just after a rain storm

Additional comments:
I was walking down the road one afternoon about 2 in the afternoon on feb.3 2000. I was in the hills around the trask mt. area near carlton oregon. I heard a loud pitch squel that was comeing from down near the creek. As I started to walk to were I heard the noise I noticed that there was big footprintes in the muddy ground. So I stared to creep real slow up to were I heard the noise, cause I thought that it might be big foot but I did not know. As I got closer to the crreek I heard a loud crack of some limbs of a tree and that is when I saw him BIGFOOT. All that I saw was a 10 foot black ball of hair running up the bank into some thick forest area and then it was gone. I look around were it was in the water and there was a lot of printes and broken twigs now what he was doing in the water I do not know I was scared at that time so I ran out of there and got into my explorer and left. The next week I went up to the same location and the prints were gone, They had been washed away by the rain what I saw that day I know I'll never see again but I hope that one day I can meet it face to face.

Source: Sasquatch Information Society
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