Men find tracks 16" to 18" long and 5" to 7" long, with bulbous big toe in snow file# 00408


Date:February 19, 1999
Yamhill county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Panther Creek Rd.
Snow on ground

approximately six miles up Panther Creek Rd.


Description of event: Bigfoot Track Report
Witness: Stan Oser, St. Helens, OR
Location: Yamill County, OR west of Carlton
approximately six miles up Panther Creek Rd.
Date of report: 2/19/99
Initially reported to Ray Crowe, WBS 3-6-99

I spoke with Stan Oser, St. Helens, OR regarding his track sighting February 19, 1999. Stan said he was west of Carlton, in Yamhill County, on Panther Creek road trying out his new Jeep in the snow when he found the tracks. "My buddy points to the road and says, 'What's this?' And I knew it wasn't no bear track 'cuz I'm a logger and I've seen plenty of bear and cougar tracks. These (tracks) were 16" to 18" long and 5" to 7" long," he said. The tracks had four proprtionate toes and one over-sized bulbous big toe which protruded from the inner part of the foot, a couple of inches lower than normal, "almost like a thumb".

The creature apparently crossed the road and proceeded up the embankment on the other side, leaving tracks across the snowy gravel road, four of which were extremely detailed. He also described a feeling, "like the hair standing up on the back of my neck. My buddy and I looked at each other and knew we had to get the hell out of there. It was really creepy."

Stan also volunteered information about other sightings in the area. He said he grew up in Yamhill county, near McMinville, and knows the entire area well, having played in the woods as a child. "There's a guy who lives up there, a back-woods type of a guy, who makes his own cider and he was always telling me that they (the Bigfoot) come right up on his porch and steal his apples. He even had a little one come up there."

The day after I spoke with Stan, we drove up to the location with WBS director Ray Crowe. The witness' directions were clear; however, he had apparently overestimated the number of miles he had travelled. To make matters worse, a road closure forced us to take a detour, resulting in difficulty determining the exact location the tracks has been found. There was still some snow in the area, although not as much as there had been at the time of the track find. We scouted the area thoroughly on foot but found nothing. A portion of the road had begun to fall away into the ravine below, resulting in the road closure.

While walking that particular stretch of road, Ray and I did smell an awful stench. I couldn't locate the source - although there was a box of items, some of which appeared to be burnt, the odor did not seem to come from the box but was strongest across the road, several yards away. I tried to describe the odor; it smelled similar to hot wiring or a car overheating. It had a slightly sulphorous smell to it, but was mostly a metallic stink.

Autumn Williams
March 8, 1999

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