Encounter on Snow Peak Mainline

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Date:March 3, 2002
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
Sweet Home
Nearest road:
Snow Peak Mainline
Snow on ground
Logging road 500, Take left on to 520 about 2 miles up the road I got stuck in the snow in my 4x4


Description of event: I had a winchester 1200 defender with 4 1oz slugs and 4 bird shot. Also a 9mm. Not planning on shooting anything, just cant be too safe.
I Hiked about 1 mile up the road loking for animal tracks in the snow. I came to a road clear of snow in thick old growth woods. About 20 yards on that road, (No Wind) a few birds crossed in directly in my path> Not meaning to shoot, Just getting reaction time. As I looked down the sights about 30 yards down the path (about 15 yards wide I see this Big!!! Black with slight grey long hair. It Did not see Me. I was in all black and brown boots, and dead quiet. When i had seen it I took a deep breath and it turned and looked directly at me. I did not see it's face clearly. It was about 7 foot tall. It took a few steps and stood behind two big trees. I yelled out in case it was a human. Told them they had better answer because I did not want to blow thenm in half. Their was know place for it to go becacuse their was short shubs on bolth sides. I shot two round in to the stump with my 9mm to see if it was a bear or elk (trying to get it to move) Nothing!!! It just stood their behind those trees. So I was going to walk up the trail to get a look, When to my left about 20 yards something just as big started to run down the side of the mountain only breaking two branches and running dam fast!! I don't know if it was trying to get me to draw my atention and lead me away from the other. But it worked, Two to one in there back yard. No thanks! I backed out slow and watching. The place I went is newly open. Not logged (yet) I plan to go back with a vidio and 8 slugs, I do not want to shoot one. But better safe then sory.

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