Grandmother tells stories of Bigfoot activity in Cherry Grove file# 00417


Date: , 1970 (pre)
Washington county, OR
Nearest town:
Cherry Grove
Nearest road:





Description of event: This story was told to me by my Grandmother. When she was living in Gaston, Oregon, There had been a lot of sightings of Sasquatch in her area. Some people in Cherry Grove saw a black/brown sasquatch in their forest. They heard horrible screams that scared them very much! They found huge foot prints & the investigators made casts of them & showed them to the high school kids. Everyone in Forest Grove/Cherry Grove was scared. When the footprints were shown a few of the high school boys were determined to prove the story as a hoax, so they went out at night to look around up in the reported area. When they were there they heard the most hideous sound they had ever heard! They went away from there as fast as they could! In the morning after the boys heard the sound the investigators found that huge fence posts were ripped right out of the ground! I think it was a Sasquatch!

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