Tracks found in Sky Lakes region file# 00423


Date:August 22, 1998
Klamath county, OR
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Sky Lake area


Description of event: We found tracks by a creek. The creek was between two hills, a little out of the way. Seems like if it were a hoax, that that would be a bad spot to do it. Large, approx 15 inches by 6. I marked a stick with the dimentions, and measured them when we got home. 3 good prints, and 4 or 5 others that were hard to make out. Looks like it came to the creek to drink. The prints closer to the creek were fuzzy, but the ones leading to the creek were better. It must have gone into the water because there were no tracks going away, only coming to the water. I was a SF Bay Area resident then, and was camping with a friend who lives in Ashland. I don't know Oregon very well. Sorry I can't give you more details, but I'm certain the area was called the Sky Lake Forest or Sky Lake..something. It freaks you out to see tracks..I can't imagine actually seeing what made the tracks

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