Xmas tree cutters find tracks near Mt Pitt

Oregonbigfoot.com file# 00427


Date: , 1990
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
butte falls
Nearest road:
us 140
Snow on ground
1/2 mile N. of 140 on USFS rd.& SE of what we [native oregonians] call Mt. Pitt.


Description of event: We had a USFS contract to cut Silvertip xmas trees. Upon going to
work one morning after an over-night snow-fall of about 3 inches.
We noticed fresh bare-foot prints in the snow. Our vehicle tracks
were the only other tracks in the snow. The foot-prints were about the size of a a nine or ten year old child. The tracks came out of the trees
and went down the road for approx. one hundred feet and returned into the trees. The edges of the prints were sharp and destinct, so I know they
could not be very old. I could not tell where it came from or where it went as there were no tracks [no snow] under the branches in tall timber.
I could give USFS road numbers and map information if needed.

Source: oregonbigfoot.com
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