While camping at KOA campground, boy finds evidence

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Date: , 1978
Curry county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 1
clear and the temperature was in the mid-60's



Description of event: My family vacationed in Southern Oregon annually and while on a 3-day stop at the KOA in Langlois,we befriended the camp host.We were told that about 3 weeks prior to our visit,a Highway Patrolman had reported nearly hitting a Bigfoot about 5 miles north of them.Needless to say,it made for great campfire stories in the subsequent evenings.On the 2nd night of our stay,something came through the thickets on the north loop of the campsite and had disrupted some campers in their slumber.It wasn't until daybreak when the damage was revealed;knocked over camping essentials,canopies were down,yet surprisingly,no food containers or ice chests were touched.This cancelled out the possibility that it was a bear,the damage was practically systematic.Ron,the campground maintenance guy asked me (I was 15 years old at the time)if I wanted to go 'tracking' to figure out what had tore up the campsites.He thought the chances were it was a big cat,possibly smaller bobcats.Anyway,we trekked out around 11:00 AM,within minutes,we quickly found out,this was no cat.The thickets downed,gave way to small trees crushed.This reinstilled the possibility of our intruder being a bear.We continued on and found the thickets thinning,with much ground cover,less trees and ultimately we lost our track.Within a few hundred feet,we came to a clearing and realized it was an abandoned logging camp.The machinery wasn't modern and probably dated back to 1930's,with no roads in nor out.Ron had been an employee for 2 years there and hadn't any idea the camp was there.There was a small stream that ran through the camp and Ron believed it was the same stream that runs near the highway.So we changed our route and began our hike upstream.About 200 feet upstream,I noticed a series of 'holes' leading away from the stream,up a burm.The ones closest to the stream were just that,deep holes.The further away,more distinctive,were certainly not holes.They were indeed footprints,by my guesstimation around 17-20 inches long(I wore a size 12 then,and these prints were substantially larger)and where my 180 lbs stood,I left no depression,the prints we witnessed were nearly 7 inches deep!!The further the prints led us away,the ground cover became more substantial,the prints faded,away into the forest.As I recall(vividly may I add),there was an odor like a skunk,reminiscent,but not exactly like a skunk.Very distinctively pungent,yet not overwhelming.We eventually found Highway 1 and headed south back to the campground.Before we arrived,Ron had asked me to keep our findings under wrap,not to panic or freak out the campers.We left 2 days later and the memories have lasted over the years.For the record,the weather was clear and the temperature was in the mid-60's.Thank You.PR/Pasadena,CA

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