Dogs react and an odor is present outside witnesses' house file# 00429


Date:July 21, 2002
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
Grants Pass
Nearest road:
Colonial Drive

pre-dawn hours


Description of event: I was awoken by strange noises which I thought may be coyotes but after I was awake for a few seconds I realized that I had never heard those screams before. In the next few seconds all the dogs in the neighborhood went crazy. My dogs which were located right outside my bedroom were barking horribly. I was sure we were going to get complaints from all the neighbors. I had never heard my dogs bark so loud before. But after a few minutes I went back to sleep (I had to get up early). That morning when I woke up I asked my mom if she heard the dogs barking? She said that she hadn't but my father did, and that he had said it must have been a bear because he smelt such an awful smell. After questioning my father he had said that he had assumed that he had smelt a bear but after thinking about it he admitted that he hadn't smelt that exact smell before. When I went outside to check my dogs they were guarding the fence and refused to come down.
Nobody in my family actually saw bigfoot, but from what I have read in other reports I believe there are some similiarities.

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