Woman driving home sees creature in middle of road

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Date: , 1995
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
Sweet Home
Nearest road:
Brush Creek Rd

Approx. two miles into Linn County from Marcola Rd. Witness said road makes a sharp right turn, and it was just after this turn that the sighting occurred. Witness was driving from Marcola to Sweet Home.


Description of event: As i was driving down the road going from Lane county into Linn county i had just past a corner when up ahead about 1/4 mile i saw around a 7-8 Ft black creature crossing road. I was around 18 at the time , pregnant , by myself and petrified. It was in center of road when i got sight of it. I slowed down praying it would not look my way. I was so scared i stopped breathing. It crossed into the side of road and up into tree's. I at this point floored the gas petal , and kept my eyes straight ahead not looking into the side of road where creature had passed. All i can say is what i seen looks exactly like the pics i have seen of what is called sasquatch. People always laugh it off when i tell them , but i know what i seen was something i had never seen before , and never want to again. I was so scared , and the bad thing is i still drive those roads all times of day , and i am hoping this creature will take pitty on me and not show itself again while i am on those roads. It never looked at me when it crossed the road i dont think it even knew i was there. I am definitly a beliver now. The thing i want to know is why havent we ever found a corspe of one of these creatures? Could their group buriry them , or do they maybe eat their dead? That is the one thing i would like to find out.

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