Creature seen leaning against a tree near residence file# 00434


Date: , 1992
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Marcola Rd

early evening


Description of event: This story was one that my dad told me after i told him about the experience i had. The story goes it was late afternoon early evening when my dad let the family dog out. The dog was outside making a strange sound almost a growling whinning sound. My father went out to see what was wrong when he seen a brownish creature leaning against the tree with one arm resting on tree. From where my dad stood he could see the side of this thing. He said it stood around 7 ft tall and it had hair hanging down from this arm. The dog still making sounds my father yelled at him to come , this thing then turned and faced my father looked at him for around 10-15 secs then casual walked off into the woods that surrounded our home. My father said the thing was around 50-100 yards away from him. After the incident my father went out to the tree it was leanning against and found some brownish hair. He didnt tell anyone till 95 when i called telling him i had just saw a big foot , he then told me this story. Where i seen a creature past on the roadway was less than 5 miles from where my dad seen one by our home. Gives me goosbumps just thinking about it. You dont know how many times i walked home late at night from a friends house out in the boonies with just a flashlight. I wouldnt do that again for nothing... follow up interview:

I interviewed both the daughter, and the father, regarding this incident, and the other that the daughter described. (Read about the daughter's sighting HERE According to the witness, his dog had been missing for a few hours, so he stepped out to look for him. The witness' intention was to walk down the long driveway and call for the dog. He was just stepping off the porch when he saw the creature with it's hand on a nearby tree, about 20 feet away.

He said he couldn't utter a word or move for a moment. Then he stepped back inside to get his gun. The creature stooped down, "sort of crouched", and made its way into the brush.

When questioned about the creatures face, he said, "It looked like a big ape man." He said its eyes were red. I asked, "Do you mean they were bloodshot?" wishing to clarify. He said, "No, they shone red." I asked if there were any lights on nearby and he confirmed that the porchlight was on.

The witness and his family has lived at this location approximately 6-9 months prior to the sighting. They moved 2-3 months after this incident, for unrelated reasons. The witness did not tell anyone of his encounter until his daughter mentioned her sighting, and states that they noticed no other activity during their time at this residence.

Autumn Williams

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