Strange happenings on the way to Bohemia Mt. file# 00437


Date: , 2001
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Sharps Creek Rd.

Hardscrabble Grade, Sharps Creek Rd. On the Bohemia Mines Road leading up to the Bohemia Mines. Just passed the cave in the side of the mountain on your left traveling on the right side of the road.


Description of event: A few friends of mine were driving up to the Bohemia Mines one Winter night. They had just passed the cave listed above when all of the power functions in their car went out (lights, brakes, radio, everything). All of a sudden their car started to slide towards the mountain, as if someone or something had pushed it from the rear passenger side (by the trunk). The driver manuvered the car so it could not hit the side of the mountain. When they had driven aprox. 50 feet away from the incident site all of their power functions came back on. They traveled on the road untill they had found a place with enough room for them to turn around. They then turned the car around and started traveling back toward the town of Cottage Grove. When they went passed the cave for the second time nothing happened. When they arived in Cottage Grove they parked at a friend's house. As they exited the car one of the passangers noticed two GIANT (almost 12 inche) muddy hand prints one the rear of the car. Everyone was pretty freaked out and would not go up to that area for a few weeks. When my boyfriend and I went passed that cave for the first time after this incident, nothing happened.

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