Boy sees Sasquatch walking through trees near family home file# 00439


Date: , 1978
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Cottage Grove
Nearest road:
Veatch Rd

late afternoon
Near an old rail road grade between Gowdyville rd and Lorane Highway. 2.5 miles outside of Cottage Grove Or. on Veatch Rd.


Description of event: This occurred sometime in the late 70's about ' 78 if I recall correctly. I lived on a 40 acre farm that was about half field and half forest backed up to BLM land on a side of a hill outside Cottage Grove. I was probably about 10 - 12 years old at time of my brief sighting. I was heading up through the pasture toward the forest on our farm. There was a small section that the tree line that cut back into the forest a little and some of the bed rock was exposed so no vegetation grew in this small area of about 20' in diameter. I used this area as my fort, you could see the valley below with other farms and the city of Cottage Grove from there, (Cottage Grove was about 3 miles away.) I was about half way to the cutback (200-300 yards away) when I saw someone walk out of the forest through the cutback and back into the trees. Only after it was back in the trees did I realize that it was too big too be a person. It's head touched a branch on the first tree leaving the cutback which I knew was over 7' high. It was a brief glimpse but I can recall that it was very dark, very heavily built and it never looked down at me or back. It just basically ignored me. The soil was too grassy and rocky to produce tracks and I didn't go back up there until much later. I know that I never did go back up there without friends again

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