Two men see bear pursued by Bigfoot - secondhand tale file# 00446


Date: , 1985 (mid 1980's)
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:


Near the headwaters of Wolf Creek, Josephine County, Oregon OR
Some miles east of Interstate 5 at the Wolf Creek exit


Description of event: Two men prospecting were cooking dinner at their camp along upper Wolf Creek. They heard some commotion and turned to see a bear running through the forest. It ran past the camp, splashed through the creek and up the other bank and into the forest. Immeadiatly they heard another animal running through the woods and turned to see a bigfoot running along the same path as the bear; by the camp, through the creek and into the woods. Both animals paid the men no attention and were fairly close; (50-75 ft) from their camp. After a moment of stunned silence, one of the men asked; "What did you just see?" They then walked over to the creek and found prints of both the bear and the bigfoot and stated that one bigfoot print was superimposed over one of the bear prints.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES: prospectors cooking dinner

OTHER NOTES: These two fellows were Oregon Nat Guardsmen who showed up at their monthly meeting in Grants Pass, all excited about this encounter which had occurred just a few days previously.I was told of this by their unit sergent.He said they couldn't stop talking about it and he had no doubt that they were sincere.

Additional info: A friend of mine, a former Nat. Guardsman in Grants pass described how three fellow guardsmen showed up for a meeting in the early 80s, ( he thinks maybe 82), all excited about a BF encounter they had had a week previously. It seems that they were on a prospecting trip camped on a creek near the headwaters of Wolf Creek.They were fixing dinner at dusk when their attention was drawn to the sound of something roaring down the hillside. They turned to see a black bear running as fast as it could crashing down thru the woods past their camp, paying them no mind, splashing thru the creek and up the embankment and into the forest on the other side.They immeadiately heard a similar sound coming down the exact same path and turned to see a BF crashing thru the undergrowth, leaping the creek and following the bear into the forest.They described how they stood there stunned, hair raised on the back of their necks until one of them said, " What did you guys just see??" They walked over to find bear footprints and huge BF prints, in one case superimposed over a bear footprint........

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