General information on Red Buttes Bigfoot activity file# 00447


Date: , 1990's
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
Grants Pass
Nearest road:



Red Buttes Wilderness is due south of Grants Pass, straddling the Oregon, California border


Description of event: A GCBRO.COM SUBMISSION:

I talked to an old hippy pot farmer who lives in the vicinity of Takilma in extreme southern Oregon south of Grants Pass.He stated that it was common knowledge among his cohorts that there were many Bigfoot in the Red Buttes, and that they tended to be territorial and aggressive. He said that to enter the Red Buttes was to risk confrontation with these creatures.

You have to hike a long ways to enter this area. It's an area of deep valleys and high, forested ridges and buttes.

Another report from the same general area concerns two forestry workers who had driven up a very remote road near the headwaters of the Smith River, which flows south into California to join the Klamath.They had pulled over and walked to the edge of an embankment. Looking down into the creek below they saw a large group of Bigfeet pulling salmon from the creek.They were noticed and two large males started up the embankment. They jumped into their truck and as they sped away saw the two males come over the embankment and onto the road.

Also heard that of a couple of fellows in Grants Pass, who used to hunt, illegally, using salt licks.They stated that on several occasions they found large BF tracks around the licks and found that large chunks had been bitten out of the salt lick.

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