Boys see apelike face looking in window file# 00451


Date: , 1950's to early 60's
clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Lake Grove
Nearest road:
Boones Ferry Rd




Description of event: The witness was a young boy who had recently moved, with his family, from Missouri to Oregon.His family rented a house on the outskirts of Lake Grove, next to a large stand of old growth.They had purchased a lot on which the father, a carpenter/plumber jack of all trades type guy, was building a house.This encounter happened on the evening of moving day The two sons had been left behind to sweep up the rental while the father delivered a last load of furniture to the new house.The two boys were up stairs in the converted attic when the younger one noticed a huge hairy ape like face starring in at them from the window at the end of the attic.The window was approx 9 ft off the ground and the hair ringing the face was all white.The two boys fled down the ladder to the ground floor and hid in the shower until their father returned.The ape was gone and their mother, a deeply religous Southern Baptist, was convinced they had seen the devil.........

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