Young boy sees a "hairy man" in a tree file# 00455


Date:August , 1973
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Scotts Valley Rd



Description of event: when i was 5 yrs ald my bother and i went to milk the cows early in the morning about 8:00am.we had bummer lams in the barn to wheen and the where making a lot of ruckus.thats what i think made bigfoot interrested.he was in this oak tree that was very old and someone had built a latter on had a limb that LED OUT FROM THE TRUNK and it was up on a hill from the barn .i had gottin walk in that direction when i looked up there and saw him he must have been a teenager in age that was the feeling i got.I called my brother who was 19 yrs old or so at the time to come and meet the hairy man.I told him that I wanted to go play with the hairy man Iwas not scared at the time.he told me to get to the house and pushed me down the hill.I could tell he was scared.the man that made the movie sasquatch came to the house and stayed for a week but had no luck in finding anything but a butt print in the moss where he sat in the tree.It stayed there for 5yrs from his wheight.we would have been in timelife mag.but it was when it had shut down.thanks for making people know that this is not a joke!

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