Teen hears vocalizations in woods

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Date:June , 2002
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
On a logging road off Marcola Road



Description of event: As stated above, it was around 1 o'clock in the morning, on a chilly pre summer night. I am pretty sure that it was early June but it may have been late May. A friend of mine (who's name I am not going to mention) and I were out looking for a good place to have a little camp fire. He know of a camp grounds outside of Marcola, so we headed out in that direction. We took a few of the logging roads taking mostly right turns as we tried to fine the spot that he had been to. This was pretty deep into regrown logged wood. We finaly reached our destination, a dead end about twenty feet in diameter. The location included bushes at the west, a ten foot or so strip with no trees to the south, an embankment about eight feet high to the north and the road we came on to the east. My friend had left his car lights on so we could see what we were doing. Nature was calling me at that moment so I started walking back the way we came, I didn't get thirty feet before I felt like this spot was really weird, I knew that something was watching me. I turned around and walked back to the car, I stood in the middle of the headlights for a few minutes and then started to help my friend try to build a fire out of wet sticks. When I stood up I heard a low sound coming from behind the car (west). I looked at my friend, who had also heard it. For a moment I thought it was the car, but cars don't make that kind of noise, which is very much undescribable. A moment later we heard the same noise in three of four hoots(?). My friend went along his buissness, I stood infront of the car (scared as hell!!), to the north I heard a bird make its song (at 1 o'clock in the morning). I then heard something to the south that sounded like the muffled conversation of a man and a woman. This was acompanyed by a few low wistles. It was after I heard this that I noticed the sound of lite foot steps coming from the north, barely audible, only I knew they had to be big, walking on moss or something. By that time my friend and I were really freaked out, I jumped into the car. He put out the fire, and suddenly looked to the east, looked back at me looking really scared. He jumped in and turned the key. Nothing happened. The car lights were still on, the batterie was alive, nothing was wrong with the car. He checked under the hood and his cylinod was fine, three green lights for go. We had to push start the car. We drove stright out of that forest and never looked back. When we got the the main road he shut his car off, it turned over and started the first try. We haven't gone back to that spot sence then.

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