Country store clerk tells of hunters terrified by Sasquatch sighting file# 00468


Date: , 1980's or 1990's
Yamhill county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
High Heaven Rd


approximately 5 miles NW of McMinnville


Description of event: This info came to me second hand from a neighbor back in Dundee. At the time she was working in a store down in Mack at a register. She said that back in the 80's or 90's, 2 hunter's came in absolutely petrified, buying beer "to calm down" as they were up in the forest around High Heaven, and had seen a sasquatch. I looked at her with awe and she really felt it was important to say that she "wasn't pulling my leg" and had felt certain these 2 men weren't either. Apparantly, they were too scared. For the past two years this area has now been gated off past the residential area since it was being so abused by people polluting the forests, leaving trash etc. As it is all BLM land, it's likely it was out futher into the woods. This area begins the coastal mountain range.

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