Boy and sister see a "man in a monkey suit" in the creek file# 00469


Date:July , 1970
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
lone rock


2 mile post,2nd last house on the river ,at the bridge crossing the creek


Description of event: it was the summer of 70,we lived on the river, N Umpqua ,my sister and her friend were at the creek where the bridge crossed to go to the nieghbors ,My sister came home really scared,said a bear had come down to the water and scared them away,and they had left some stuff there,I was 10,My mom asked me to go back with them and get there stuff.I did and made fun of them the whole way.when we got there I was on the bridge and they went down to the water to pick up there stuff.I was still makin fun of them and asked where the bear was,they looked down the creek and said ,down there,I looked down the creek and at about 200 ft,walking along the creek was a very large hairy animal walking on 2 legs, I laughed at my sister and said to her"thats Mr Smith in a gorilla suit"I knew it wasnt a bear cuz I had seen bears before and the only way I could explain what I had seen was that it had to be somebody walkin in a gorilla suit.It wasnt till about 3 yrs later I heard about bigfoot.

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