Researcher Manny S. describes couples encounter near Ashland file# 00470


Date:July , 2002
Jackson county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Keno Access Rd. off Dead Indian Memorial
near Howard Prairie Res.


Description of event: I am Manny S., a bigfoot researcher. I was doing a follow-up on a incident that involved 2 married couples that were camping out at a local skinny dipping rock querry. This is what took place. Their were 2 groups involved-which consisted of 2 married couples (they were camping together). They had been swimming in the night when they started to hear what appeared to be high pitch screams at a distance. They then got nervous becuase this was unlike anything they had ever heard. At that point the get out of the water and proceed to walk back to camp (there camp only being a minute walk). They had a campfire going and talking among themself, when all of a sudden they started to hear the high pitch screams once again but this time much closer and louder-this went on for about 10 minutes. They started to get very uncomfortable becuse they knew what ever it was coming toward there location. And then there was silence-minutes later they started to hear branches break around there campsite. One of the men got out his .22 caliber rifle out and started shooting. They heard nothing after that took place. Then a while later the high pitch screams started again but from a distance away until they could no longer hear them. They spent the night there and left in the morning.when i did this follow-up it was 2 days since it happened. The information that i was able to gather from the location and witnessess were this----the high pitch screams were heard from the north to northeast.The area is heavily wooded with some underbrush. This location is pretty much on flat ground. Howard prairie lake is under a 1/4 mile away. Given that in this general area was dry, Ii began to do a perimiter search walking north from the rock querry, sweeping the ground for any traces but after about 3 hours of looking around I was unable to find anything. The ground was to dry as well as the grass. Weather was warm and clear skys.

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