Brief sighting at Lake Cushman, WA file# 00471


Date:August 16, 1999
Mason county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Lake Cushman Rd

pre-dawn dark hours
some old growth logging, maitenence road. pretty far back past staircase


Description of event: My friend,two girls,and I were campining at Lake Cushman in the summer of '99. We split a case and a half of beer between the four of us, so the girls went to bed early. I had recently bought a Toyota 4x4 truck and we, my friend and I, decided to go do some nightime four wheeling. I knew of some old logging roads just past the Staircase Park entrance. We drove maybe five miles or so up these long windy overgrown logging trails. It was getting late about 4:00 in the morning so we had decided to turn around and go back to camp. We were in some heavy duty brush and had to flip a three point turn. As I started in on my turn we both saw what appeared to be a huge(about a foot taller than my truck approx.7 feet) brown furry flash jump(vertically) right out of the way on the left front side of my truck. I stopped immediately and looked to my friend who said "What the f$#k was that". We decided to get out and see if we could hear anything. We actually started yelling and making ape like sounds Then we realized what we were doing and what it might have been. And then made the safe decision to get back to camp ASAP! On the way back we discussed the sighting. Both of us hunt and fish regularly, and know this part of wild forest and its inhabitants. I first thought it might have been a brown bear but it was vertical standing and jumping. And posessed great speed and agility. We also thought of a deer but it was too masive and did not move like one. I can't say for sure it was a "Wookie" ,as my friend and I jokingly call sasqatch, but I do know for sure that we saw something that neither of us can explain to this day. I now also make sure that I never hunt or camp alone and to bring a firearm with me whenever I go into the boodocks. Whatever we saw that night I don't want to meet again, unless I have my 308. rifle.

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