Fresh tracks seen, yells heard, by hikers near Rooster Rock file# 00472


Date:March , 2001
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
hwy 20

rooster rock hiking trail just off of hwy 20


Description of event: I decided to take my girlfriend hiking .I knew of a trail which isnt hiked alot,because we wanted to see nature not people .so i took her to rooster rock hiking trail just past trout creek off of hwy 20, we got to the start of the trail filled out our cards and put it in the box ,there was only 1 other card in the box and it was dated some time back so we were excited no one would be on the trail .plus it was a rainy foggy day and we didnt expect see anyone anyhow,the trail was all overgrown and i had to use my machete in some parts of the way up we were 3/4 of the way up when we came to a muddy rocky section of the trail ,and there were large foot prints in the mud going down the side of the mountain i put my foot in one of the prints and i wear a size 11 1/2 the print beat my shoe size by a good 8 inches, and the span of the prints were incredibly long about 4ft to each one ,we didnt know what to think of it, so we kept hiking, we got to the top of the trail ate lunch then came back down,we got to where we found the tracks and there were more ,instead of the tracks going down like it was before it had come back up the mountain going back up the hill ,at that time we got any eerie feeling like something is watching us, the kind of feeling where your hair stands up on the back of your we picked up our pace going down the trail as a former marine i felt somthing was wrongi did have my glock .40 on me so i was to worried but i still felt edgy, we almost all the way down the trail it was raining hard when somthing large started coming at us fast through the forest it was breaking branches and was moving fast i tossed my girlfreind the car keys and told her to run to the car and get it started, so she ran i pulled out my gun and as a marine i took a defensive position behind a tree. i fired three shots in the air, the thing then turned back and i could hear it going back up the trail breaking limbs and bushes, it stopped and got very quiet , ithen back peddled down the trail to the car slowly then i heard a loud hooooaaap ,yell, coming from up the mountain then another one from a differnt direction the yelling was continous , i got to the car and we sped off fast we went to the ranger station in sweet home to report what happened they pretty much just blew us off , but me and her knew what happened, please contact me

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