Youth has two sightings after house is ransacked file# 00473


Date: , 1979
Clackamas county, OR
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Description of event: Twenty three years ago I was walking my dog threw the forest close to our house when my dog went in search of what ever they search and I started getting a strange feeling of someone watching me. At first I was kinda scared then became more scared when my dog came running up to me almost knocking me over, this was enough for me so I headed for home with my dog rubbing my leg all the way home. Everyday I took her for runs only for this to reacure. Finally it took me weeks to not worry about it anymore and I started telling what-ever it was I wasnt going to let it scare me anymore . after awhile in some weird way it had became a comfort to me , after all I was 14 yrs. old and new to the area and very lonley .Then one afternoon after returning from arkansas with my stepmother, I got out of thr truck to go unlock the door so my step mother could get my baby brother out of his carseat and to my surprise after unlocking the door I found the house torn up.Everything that was a plant was distroyed and what ever had done it had come in by braking a window in my stepmothers room. Also it had broken a picture of her and tore her room up., Pooped on her clothing , slept on her cloth. this I know because of all the long hairs all over the clothing on the floor. Also I found it strange that if it had been a person why didnt they exit from the back sliding door or eat any of the food in the house. If it was kids they would have found the boose my parents kept in the cabnets. I knew at that point that it was the thing that walked with me when I went and looked into my room and it was left exactly the way I had left it two weeks before. I met my step mother and told her that someone had broken into the house. She ran into the house and yelled at me to get my brothers bottle. I reached into the truck to get it and felt something behind me. I turned and there he stood ! No more than three feet from me . He was very tall and loomed over me . He had hair all over him but around his eyes it was kinda like peach fuss . He had buetiful hair and he did not smell. I tryed to see where he had come from and then my step mother yelled again for me to bring the bottle. We just stared at each other and I "knew" I was safe in fact I felt at peace.( I cant explain this...He finally showing himself has left me in auh all my life. I have always felt alone in my experience and have wished to share it with some who would’nt accuss me of being crazy.) I turned to look at the house and saw him go threw the wildfire bushes . All thows tunnels around our house I thought that dogs had done that. I took the bottle in and told my step mother and she started yelling at me formaking up such a story during such a crises.I told her it was true. She never believed me . The police were called and a report was made. A couple of days I walked out with my dog again to a big rock I always went and sat on and there was some of my mothers things laying on the rock (pooped on again).I returned these things to her and she accused it must have been some friends of mine , but I’d never taken anyone there-EVER ! I dont remember when it happened but soon after this I awoke late for school and rushing, ran out the door to get to school.( I loved this school )A strange thing began to happend the sky went dark and as I reached the Hwy.A semi sounded its horn on the other side of the road and turning on his brights I saw another set of figuers bright as day. A hairy woman ( red hair ) dragging along with her a child into the brush stait across the highway from me, the child was almost as big as she was but she was not as big as the male I had first seen, in fact she was not very large at all . The eclipes had cause the darkness and I think the semi had almost hit the beings and this is how I was blessed to see two more. But have never seen another sinse . I have always wanted to return to the house but figure there is probubly no forest left ,due to progress.But my mind always wonders back to that time of peacefulness. SIGN;ROBIN P.S. the image of them will be in my mind forever !

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