Worker glimpses bipedal creature, finds fresh track file# 00477


Date:February , 1996
Coos county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
road to AT&T substation

late afternoon
approx. 1/4 mile North of AT&T substation that is on the coast.


Description of event: I was working for a directional drilling firm that was putting three different shore approach pipelines for a fiber optic cable that looped Bandon, a site in California, and further looped to Japan. I was checking a water pump that was pumping from a stream about 1/4 mile North of where we were working. The pump was running okay and was very loud. I walked over to a dried up stream bed to take a look. The bank dropped straight down about 25 feet. As I approached something ran ran to the East very fast. I have heard horses, antelope, deer and other four legged creatures run. This thing was running on two legs. I did not see anything but a flash of brown as it was rounding a curve in the dried stream bed. I know that many animals run with both their legs in front and back hitting the ground at the same time. This animals rhythym was like someone running on two feet. The weather was fairly warm and the sun was shining. Afew days later I saw some scuff marks on the trail that I used to go to the pump.The scuff marks were on rocks. The trail got to a muddy spot where I found a foot print that would just about match my size nine foot. The footprint was not any wider. It could very well had been a human print, and looked human. This was a cool to cold day and no one would have taken their shoes off right in that spot. I hadn't told anyone in my crew about the previous incident, so I'm fairly sure that the footprint was not a joke.

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