FIsherman followed by something with a musky odor file# 00504


Date:august , 1977
Grays Harbor county, WA
Nearest town:
EAST Hoquiam
Nearest road:

late afternoon


Description of event: it was a very warm afternoon, while waiting for my friend to give up his intensions for fishing, i decided to go for a walk on the east hoquiam road.i decided to go toward the west and proceeded to walk about 500 feet when a very sweet musky odor caught my attention. i stopped to look around because my friend informed me of possible bear sightings. at first, i saw nothing and heard nothing, so i proceeded walking.the sweet musky odor seem to follow me as i walk. then suddenly, i heard a breaking of a large branch. i suddenly realized i had walked approximately a mile away from where my friend was fishing and the sound sent chills through me. the sound of breaking twigs continued as i began walking at a fast pace back to where my friend was.the sweet musky odor followed me back until i was within 25 feet of where my friend was standing. i told my friend about experience and he laughed it off, saying it was a deer or some other animal.i never told anyone of this experience because of what they might say or do.

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