Footsteps heard on beach, witness turns to see a furry leg disappear around a bend file# 00512


Date:april 19, 2002
Coos county, OR
Nearest town:
Coos Bay
Nearest road:
Myrtle ave.
Oregon dunes, in a small patch of forest coming home from a hike to the occean.Still about thirty minute left of daylight there was a rather large rock and a small river at the foot of forest.


Description of event: I was comig back on a long hike to the occean, on our way back daylight was closing on me. I were a more calm part of the dunes and there were not alot of four wheelers i this part of the dunes. I entered a small part of foret and could barely hear the fait whisper of the creek. I was glacing aroud ad saw a large jagged rock on my left. It started drizzling, and i threw up my hood blocking my side views of the scene. I wass about half way threw when i heared stealthy pats, I idmeditly froze. I had no clue what it could be. I turned around just i time to see a large furry leg slip around a bend. It was large and seemed human like, i belive it was bigfoot and clearly it was ot trying to harm me. I was to petrifyed to give chase and I sprinted all the way to my car.

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