Native American girl tells of ongoing encounters near family home file# 00513


Date:march , 2003
Okanogan county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
cloudy, very damp, half moon


Description of event: It started long time ago when I was about 7 to today...I experience unknown things all the time including wild animals (just bears)coming to our house going through,but this was no smelled like garbage and waste,and stood about 8 to 9ft tall and was very hairy like a bear and it just walked by me like I was nothing,then my mom grabbed me and ran inside.We never spoke of bigfoot at night and niether could we cry.
because in our Native legend we were not supposed to cry or whistle at night because of the terror of a bigfoot mother looking for a lost child would take me.But in the middle of March when we came home from spokane,we smelled a smell from long time ago,and I was outside by myself again,and we have lots of dogs and cats but none were in sight.Our home has been a bigfoot crossing for many and many of years now cuz we live by a creek.But if you are looking for a bigfoot I can personly show were h used to live(secretly).
But for your information this is not a hoax for this is real and true!!!

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