Girl on horseback heard noises, horse panicked file# 00514


Date:june , 1978
Jackson county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
early afternoon
3/4 of a mile down north applegate road and straight towards Highway 238 at the applegate river. Right at the Fishing spot known as the meathole then, but now known as the Cunningham hole.


Description of event: My sister Jennifer and I were riding horses on our property along a fence that bordered our field from a dense woodsie area filled with blackberry bushes. All of a sudden our horses were startled by something. As we looked over we saw the creature standing upright with long black,grey and brown hair thrashing in the blackberry bushes.It started growling and thrashing around, raising its hands in the air.Just then the horses we were on started to act strangely reared up and began to run towards the barn. My horse suddenly debloated and the saddle slipped under the horse and thr horse was forced to stop about 75 yards from the creature.
My boot got stuck in the stirrup and I could not get up, I began yelling for my sister to come back and she did. She threw me up on her horse and the horse ran about 1/2 mile straight home.

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