Man describes two incidents in the Collowash, Clackamas area file# 00521


Date:october 01, 1995
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hillock Burn
hot, dry


Description of event: Wonderful web site,I really appreciate your passion for something you truly believe in and so do I. I myself am an avid hunter and outdoorsman, and I have had many encounters with something that I just can't comprehend.My first incident was up on the Collawash river in a primative campsite across from F.S.R.# 6320.We were the only campers around, and at about 11:30 at night my girlfriend told me that someone was outside my camper.So I got up and ran outside to surprise any peeper or weirdo that might have been around our camp.Nothing not no one was around, I tried convinceing my girl friend who is now my wife of 11 years that no one is out there.I tried sleeping for a few minutes and felt that someone was stareing in to my soul, if you will, a very uncomfortable feeling. It almost feels like your going to get sick if you have never experienced it before.We got the hell out of there and drove all the way back to town.My other experience came on opening day of west side deer rifle season in 1998.I was making an evening hunt heading west down Lukins Cr. off of F.S.R.# 4540. I parked at the gate and hiked down the creek no more than a mile, when on my right side I heard something kicking shale loose up in the canyon wall.I automatically raised my rifle thinking a whole herd of deer were sidehilling the canyon, but nothing.I walked another 100yds. or so and I heard it again and again I raised my rifle but still nothing.It was almost dark and there are no roads on Soosap pk. open to the public and I can't think of an animal that beats rocks together.There is alot of activity going on in this area and my resourses are limited to what I can do.But I do know the area very well and if I went back there tomorrow and hiked around enough it would find me.

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