4 ft. tall creature crosses the road

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Date:may , 2003
Multmomah county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
rocky point rd.
early morning
going towards st. helens on highway 30 from portland, turn left on "rocky point road" and follow it up, it will fork and take a right. less than a mile up the road there is a small tree farm with a tall metal power poll looking thing.


Description of event: my neighbor's freind, who lives far far up rocky point road came over to my neighbors house the other day all shooken up. my neighbor's son was the one that told me this story. apparently my neighbor's freind was driving down rocky point road some time that morning, i got the impression that it was early in the morning, and a apelike person, only 4 or 5 feet tall ran across the road (i am guessing on 2 feet) and then grabbed the top of the bank on one side of the raod and pulled the rest of it's body up and swung his legs under his arms and pushed itself into a run and it ran off into the woods. i didn't get a very good description of what he thought it looked like, except that it was about 4-5 feet tall and had long arms. my neighbor told me that a few other people who live up there have seen the exact same thing. my neighbor, i'm not sure how long ago, also saw this thing which he described was around 4 feet tall and had an ETlike (from the movie) monkey face, with long arms and short legs, i think he might have said it was black or brownish, but i'm not sure. he saw it about 500 feet from where his freind saw it. i am planning on going up there with a freind or two and just hanging out with a camera in hopes of catching evidence of it or just finding out what it is. i think this is something definitely worthy of a small investigation even though it doesn't sound like the normal 8-10 foot tall bigfoot sighting. you should talk to my neighbor on the phone at least and get some other people's numbers who might have more information.

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