Campers hear loud roar at Torso Lake near Sisters file# 00532


Date:september , 1987
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
hwy 20, and the logging roads
sunny that day
Torso lake.

It is one of the lakes in the Link lake basin close to the base of Mt. Washington. If you use a GPS, the lake is located a N 44.23.07 - W 121.48.16.


Description of event: Hi, I'm not sure if this information is of any interest, or worth anything to you, but I will give it to you, and let you decide. Back in early September of 1987, on a Sunday evening, Me, my Wife, and a friend drove up on the pass, to try our luck fishing at Torso lake. It is one of the lakes in the Link lake basin close to the base of Mt. Washington. If you use a GPS, the lake is located a N 44.23.07 - W 121.48.16. Anyway, here's what happened,.....My friend and I were fishing in different direction around this small lake, fishing the edges with our fly rods for rising Brook Trout. There was an old guy, and his middle aged son also fishing the lake that evening in their drift boat, and there was a lone guy and his cat, camping at the lake, while his partner for pre-commercial tree thinning was in Sisters buying supplies. All started out just fine, and the fish were biting. As I was moving to a new casting location, I thought I'd heard a distant "Roar", for lack of a better word. This happen three or four times, but as bad luck would have it, I was moving through low brush each time, and masked the "roar" from me, and by the time I could stop and listen, the roar had ended. I passed it of as nothing or the wind. My friend had worked his way to the other side of the lake from me, the same side that I'd thought I'd heard the Roar. I then noticed he was move back around the lake, and not stopping to fish, also, the old guy and his son, were paddling fast towards the boat put in spot. I thought this was weird, because the fish were active that evening, and we still have about 45 minutes of prime time fishing till dark. When my friend reached me, he asked if I'd heard the noise, I asked him what noise, and was it the noise that sounded like a roar? He said yes, just then on the far side of the lake, just back in the timber, this thing let out a tremendous "Roar", the decimal level was very high. I could sound it out to you, but I don't know
how to write it, so that you'd get the exact feeling, so you'd know just how tremendous this roaring was! Kind of a roar, and then turning to a high pitched scream, and very very loud, almost rumbling the ground. Anyway, we looked at each other, and said let get out of here. We reached the primitive boat ramp, just as the two boat fishermen where loaded their boat up, and getting out of there, (All of this time, the thing was just letting loose, and it sounded very pissed!) The old guy said he's been hunting and fishing for years and had never heard anything like this, and he wasn't going to hang around and fine out what it was, or why it was so mad! And just that fast they were in their pick-up, and gone. The guy in the tent was really scare, his buddy wasn't back yet, and his cat was in the tent going completely crazy! The cat was scared to death, and was trying to tear the tent apart. He just kept asking me, "What the hell is that?", I told him I had no idea. My wife was in my car all this time with my two young sons, and she was very scared, and want to leave as fast as we could. You have to remember, all of this time, whatever it was, and just going nuts, on the far side of the lake, about 200 yards away! The roar was so loud, and so weird. Whatever it was, it did not want us around! We loaded up are stuff, and we left! I felt bad for the lone guy, but he didn't ask for a ride out, and my wife and friend were yelling they wanted out of there. Now, I've logging from the time I was 14, till I was 35 and the timber industry went bad. I have hunted coyotes, deer and elk, my whole life. In fact I'm a bow hunter, and have spent many hours bugling elk, so I know the sounds they make. I have seen over 40 bears in the wild, and have heard their sounds a number of times! I will guarantee you, it wasn't one of those animals! In all the years I have spent in the woods, I have never seen anything like this, before, or since. If you'd like
more information, I will gladly give it to you. Cory

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