Camper frightened near Kitson Hot Springs file# 00536


Date:august 09, 1983
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Kitson Springs turnoff


Description of event: I, am an Anthropology graduate of Humboldt State University. I studied primatology under Rosalind Ribnick. Her training about bigfoot during the course enabled me to understand and deal with our strange encounter. It was I, my sister(a veterinarian) and girlfriend who were travelliung and camping throughout Oregon when we pulled over to sleep for the night, Moments after laying out our bags, we were screamed at from the springs not more than 50 yards away. This was a typical sasquatch "warning" to others as well as a threat to us for being in it's territory. The stomping,obvious bipedal crunching in the brush, stomping and shrieking which lasted about 20 minutes. I told my "team" to lay still, we were actually frozen with adrenalized fear and couldn't move. We could not make out any shapes, it was hiding and wouldn't come any closer, but I was positive it was a "rogue male" sasquatch we had startled from upstream. The sound was so bloodcurdling and loud it hurt our eardrums and gave us mountain sized goosebumps. Feel free to contact me further if you'd like, I have been involved in sasquatch research for years. Thanks for your work, look forward to meeting or speaking with you,sincerely, Paul

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