Tree break/vocalization report file# 00542


Date:june 21, 2003
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
hwy 58
early afternoon
drive to oakridge, to odel lake area, when you see the lake, stop and look ofr a forest road on right side of hwy. follow until you see light pumus dirt. nobody has been up there from what is took in, so you will probbly find my tire track of my bronco. hike about fourhundred yrds due south. till u get to another dirt rod,(no access i think.) go to you east(follow rd) you will seee the trees.


Description of event: took my research team up to odel lake for a trial run with them. found several trees that have been twisted and snapped(fresh green) 9 ft area, several loggs been torn aprat looking for termites no doubt, but no visiable claw marks like a bears. heard young bf calling for mama i think, no more than fifty yrds from us. had newbies that got scared and left before mama kicked our butts. will be going down to a hunting area myrtle beach area , my witness hunted there since child with grndpa, buddies and him scared off by four individual screamers. one scream shook the cars windows. they left and never went back. will report back if i find anything good.

record updated:2003-07-15 00:00:00