Night fisherman hears LOUD screams at Pass Lake file# 00548


Date:september , 1997
Skagit county, WA
Nearest town:
5 mi S of Anacortes
Nearest road:
Hwy 20
Intermittent fog, heavy at times
It's absurdly easy - take Hwy 20 west as if to cross Deception Pass only stop at Pass Lake on immediate right about 1/4 mile before bridge. Last place in the world I'd expect to hear THAT.


Description of event: I was doing some night fishing for brown trout at Pass Lake on Fidalgo Island (seperated from mainland only by and intertidal channel). It was dark and variably foggy and very calm. There were no cars off the road (Hwy 20 is two lanes there), or at the launch, upon my arrival. That was unusual - normally there's SOMEBODY there because it's known the night fishing for browns is definitely good (always better than by day - a brown has like 4k times the visual accuity with starlight than any other trout).

So, anyways... I was making my way across the west bay (very slowly - I WAS fishing) towards a point, and intended to methodically work the shoreline past the point to the farmhouse on the north corner of the lake. At the mid-point of my crossing, I heard it.

The VERY LOUD sound was a piercing, sustained, high-pitched, god-awful noise. When I read what the two bow-hunters you ran into said, I got all-over-body chills - that's exactly how I've always thought of it. That's what was running through my mind at the time I heard it. It sounded like someone (a lady) getting killed - but it was SO FREAKIN LOUD, and sustained. It seemed like forever, but I think the first burst lasted appx 7-seconds, followed by a 4-second burst. Maybe it was a little longer than that.

I've listened to the recordings on your site (also on BFRO site),now, and it was like the Klamath and Snohomish scream recordings, only more sustained, a little higher pitched at times, and overwhelmingly powerful. I couldn't attribute it to ANYTHING else in this world that I'd heard before, at the time, and hadn't actually heard what a Bigfoot scream sounded like, but that was the only thing my mind could reason. I mean, at the first second my mind naturally scrambled to identify and rationalize this new, wholly unfamiliar sound. I tried to rationalize elk, but the sustained crescendo pitch, and the amplitude... no way. Did I mention it was incredibly, powerfully LOUD?
The only thing that puzzled me was how in the heck a Bigfoot got all the way to there (under cover of fog????), or why. The sound came from immediately in the vicinity of that farmhouse which is just up from that N corner of the lake. It was about .5 mile from where I sat, in my float tube, in the lake.

Needless to say, I didn't go down the shore towards the farm. I split, shaken, stunned, dumbfounded.... You know.

I'd actually kinda blocked the event out until I got into the BFRO site last night... thought I'd share here too.

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