Rough hands reach into tent, grab campers by the feet file# 00562


Date:july , 1998
Wallowa county, OR
Nearest town:
Baker City
Nearest road:

If you go through Baker City, OR, and then go up to the Eagle Cap Wilderness, you will find several areas to hike to. We went to Echo Lake, which is on the other side of Wallowa Lake.


Description of event: My brother in law and his friend were sharing a tent when they joined us in camping for the weekend. When they woke up, they immediatey questioned us as to who was walking around messing with them that night. He looked at me first, but I slept all night, as did my brother and my father. They then were very confused as to what it could be, because they said that something with massive rough hands grabbed their feet (which were hanging out of the unzipped tent to allow for ventilation in the heat) and pushed them aside, and back into the tent. They were awake while this happened, and immediately looked outside there tent and saw nothing. They zipped up their tent and couldn't sleep all night.

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