Campers see shadow of large figure on tent file# 00563


Date:august 23, 2001
Wasco county, OR
Nearest town:
not sure
Nearest road:
highway 26

From Portland take highway 26 to the Timothy Lake exit take that road about ten miles in and on the left side of the road is Joe Graham horse camp.


Description of event: My friend and I were staying up late while all the other campers had gone to bed. After a couple of hours we retired to our tent where we could still see the glow from the fire on the tents wall. We had talked for about 30 minutes or so and we finally tried to go to sleep. We were both unable to fall asleep so we both just layed there.

A few minutes later we heard footsteps coming from the woods behind us ,a few seconds after they stopped we saw the shadow of a 6 to 7ft hairy creature leaning out from behind a tree approximentlly 5ft from us. We were scared but curious so I (Shawn) sat up quietly and pulled out my flashlight,I quickly unziped the tent and leaned out shineing the flashlight in its direction,it automaticly hid,I wasn't going to leave the tent so I layed back down. Moments later it returned and so I did the same procedure and so did it but this time when I layed back down we heared it run back into the woods. P.S. During this whole event the horses sounded very uneasy.

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