Fresh tracks found, strange birdcalls heard file# 00567


Date: , 2002
Lincoln county, OR
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Don't know


Description of event: Early one morning my friend Joe took myself and another bud of mine, Alec, on a trip to the Coast Range. We'd done this a few times in the Cascades, but hadn't yet taken a trip to this one particular area. South of Corvallis, then West into the mountains via logging roads through an area where odd things have been reported in the past. Joe was aware of this. This specific road goes up a canyon that holds very few homes. Approx. one half mile above this last house was a turn where several trees blocked the road. Porobably tiber thieves. At any rate, we couldn't drive over it, plus it was early March and not too many roads (if any) had been cleared yet.

It was raining, as it usually is that time of year, but we'd been driving for two hours and wanted to walk. We put on our hats and coats and just started walking in this road. I honestly remember thinking we were making a lot of noise.
Approx. one half mile from the truck we came around another tight curve in the road. At that point my friend Alec stopped along the left side of the road, which ran farily steeply down into a small ravine where a crick was at the bottom. Joe and I turned to Alec who was looking at something along the side of the road. He told us to come back and look at something...We did and what he had found startled us. It was a clear, five-toed footprint of very big size. We couldn't believe it, the camera was in the truck, the rain was coming down and we knew the clearness wasn't going to hold long, this is also how we knew the tracks were fresh. They were ringing with such detail it was obvious that WE had spooked it up out of there. We'd been right on top of it. If we just hadn't of been talking and laughing it up, perhaps we would have seen whatever it was.

Joe finally opted to go back to the truck to get a camera. Alec and I stayed there and litterally watched the track dissolve with the rain. We couldn't tell where the beast had gone on up the hill...Lost the tracks once they hit the gravel on the road. So, we back tracked and followed them quite a ways down the canyon. Most of the "tracks" were simply large impressions in the duff. The only one that was clear enough to totally see was the one Alec first spotted. Alec went back to the first track and I started walking the timber back toward the general direction of the truck. I was basically walking with the road, only down in the brush. About 30 ft away from the tracks were a second set of smaller prints that also came up out of the canyon and headed up to the road. I followed them up and about ten feet short of the gravel they cut to the RIGHT...This would have been right toward us. They cut, then straightened out and we across the road at an angle. Then I lost them.

About ten minutes later Joe finally got back. We took picures, but as we had figured, the tracks were mere disturbances in the ground now. Nearly all the detail was long gone, washed away. Only big, foot-like outlines remained.

While we were taking pics Joe suddenly asked if we had heard anything. Without thinking twice, I said I had heard bird calls. Joe looked at me a long time, then said he'd heard bird calls back at the truck. There's a problem here...Birds don't call in the rain. The calls we heard were almsot crow-like, only not. Very loud.

We were getting soaked, had been there over an hour by this point, so we went back to the truck and left. Later when the pictures came back, we were very disappointed with the lack of detail.

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