Large creature seen walking along the beach file# 00568


Date:july , 2003
Wahkiakum county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Ostervold Rd
From Cathlamet Washington, you drive accros the Cathlamet chanel onto the little island then follow the "hwy" around onto Puget Island, as soon as you cross onto Puget Island you Turn right and follow the road along for a couple of miles until it makes a sharp left turn onto Ostetrvold road, the parking space is maybe half a mile down on the left


Description of event: My Mother and I like to drive up to the cathlamet area and sleep in out motorhome out on puget island WE drive out to this property on the very westend of the island. WE had gone to bed cause we were tired from the drive there and i was sitting reading a book when i looked downriver to see if a ship was coming, becasue i had my brand new video camera with night pix and i was looking forward to getting some video of the ships lit up at night with the night pix. I saw something large, ambling towards the motor home along the beach, it must have been a quarter mile away at the time. As I watched if walked right long the waters edge, not really looking at anything in particular. I grabbed my Video Camera and tried to turn the switch on but realized i had left the camera on earlier and the battery was absolutly dead. I could've plugged it in but it required me to turn on the generator and i didn't want to scare the creature. as it got closer It walked into the water until it was maybe a foot deep and came back out. i realized that I could turn on the light on the outside of our motorhome because it ran off of the battery. When i switched it on he was maybe a hundred feet away and not yet in the light. It slowly walked along and as it came into the light I could see its colors and general body shape. at this point it was mabye 20 feet away so i turned to my mom to try and wake her up and in her half sleep she just told me to let her sleep and she rolled over. The Creature walked around a bend on the beach and dissapeared. I went down to the beach maybe half an hour later after i had turned on the generator. I could see a few tracks so i went back to get my camera but by the time i got back down to the river the tide had come over the tracks. The next morning I wandered down the beach away's to see if i could find anything but didn't find any sign's. On a side note there are huge stands of cottonwood trees all over the island that have been planted to be logged later in time. A big foot could easily hide in those tree's without anybody finding it and there is a lot of deer and sheep and cows all over the island if it was hungry.

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