9' creature seen bent down, then walking

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Date:october , 2002
Hopkins county, TX
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 11
Sunny, mild
mid morning
My parents own a 20 acre piece of land . We keep cows off and on there. And, we grow grass on it.
He and a she hide in the small woods we have.
They avoid us as much as possible. They sit with their arms over their bending legs.
Should I be alarmed by this? Are they safe animals?


Description of event: I was inside my parents truck. I work only an hour or two whereas my parents work for hours and I looked into the wooded area and I saw something furry and black sitting down with their arms squeezing their bent legs. Then, I looked the other way , and I looked again to the same area and he was walking , he was about 9 ft. tall.
I think they live there.

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