Update from local investigator from Lewis River Lower Falls area

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Skamania county, WA
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Lewis River Lower Falls Camp Ground and surrounding Hillside for the biker Trail that cross's the road and continues up into the woods . For Driving Directions to the lower falls camp ground ( so I don't get anyone lost ) go here http://www.lewisriver.com


Description of event: Autumn...Since you are now familiar with the area of the Skookum cast , maybe a return visit to a near by area along the Lewis River Lower Falls Recreation area and neighboring trails....! So far this year we have heard his morning yells in the not too distant hillside, and during mushroom hunts we have also smelled him....Close enough to almost gag you and make your eyes water the stinch was so bad...but my friend and I stood motionless back to back ...one into the wind the other facing out of the wind, hopeing to see anything move...! Our nerves got the best of us so we walked off the hill side to the main trail and headed back to the Lower Falls Area ! The late evenings you can hear him farther off in the distance...Mornings they tend to be closer !This Sunday we leave for the Lewis River again for 3 days and the camp ground will be deserted..we will keep you posted as to any events that occur . We also believe that he has shaken the camper once quiet hard ....We jumped up right away but with out light outside we could not see through the fogged glass...My Sister Terry may have told you about the Large Den we had found in that same area...tree limbs and such sort of piled up , not something a bear would do and way too large for any other animal to use...Hunting is not allowed there so a Camo Blind was also ruled out...

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