Splashing and growling heard in creek where children are playing, creature seen near road

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Date:june , 1982
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Cottage Grove
Nearest road:
Gowdyville Rd.
sunny day
late afternoon
Leave cottage grove city limits to gowdyville rd. Go approx. 22 miles till you come to Blue Mountain School turn left into Blue Mountain Park. This Park is at the foot of the entrance to BLM Land.


Description of event: Me and my family went for a picnic to Blue Mountain Park. We took our Doberman Pincher with us. Our three girls were swimming in the creek and we kept hearing noises down the creek bed. It sounded like someone was making alot noise. We didn't think anything of it, thinking it was other people picnicing as well. When all of a sudden our dog began to pull on his leash and growl. Our daughters and us heard a loud splash in the area down the creek. It sounded like a huge boulder was thrown into the water. Making us uneasy. We decided to go ahead and eat our sandwiches. Since our dog calmed down we let him off his leash and he was running around the park, but he never left our sight. After we ate my husband called him, but our dog just stood at the tree line and wouldn't come back My husband told my youngest daughter to go get him because we were getting ready to leave. My daughter went over to get him and when she grabbed him under his collar she noticed he was growling again. She was pulling him away when she heard a growl come from the forest. She thought it was a bear because of it's deep growl. She told my husband she thought she heard a bear in the woods and my husband said let's go. So we loaded up and started out to the main road. There was a old logging road that had been closed off with wood poles in the ground and this old logging road crossed the park road. Our daughters and our dog were riding in the back of our pick-up. As we were coming out of the park they were looking back at where we came from. I turned around as we approached the logging road and I saw a bigfoot creature. It frightened me because my kids were in the back of the truck unprotected. We left the park about 2 miles down the road I had my husband pull over and I told him what I had saw. The bigfoot was approx. 6 foot tall, about maybe 450 lbs. very human looking, reddish-brown hair all over his body. His face was very human. He had deep set eyes. He was walking with his head down. He arms hung below his knees. He casually looked up at us, but kept walking toward us. He didn't seem to be afraid of us or even curious about us. It was as if he could of cared less. My children did not see it nor did my husband. My husband wanted to go back, but I was too upset and afraid. So we went on home.

Editor's note: This is an area where I have done extensive research. There appears to be a population of these creatures in the hills surrounding Cottage Grove.

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